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AutoSpense Cloud Solutions are customizable to each unique business or client need, and can be adjusted on a state-by-state or government-by-government basis to meet any unique regulatory requirements.

Our team is ready to provide high quality Medical Marijuana Solutions from Seed-to-Sale. Our services bring state of the art secure controlled substance storage centers, kiosks, diagnostics and treatments centers to assist patients and Medical Professionals with Medical Marijuana needs.





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  • Sales Chain Forward and reverse manifest trees for all products in your sales chain
  • Process Tracking Start to sale tracking of all components included in any process
  • Work Flow Measure, model, pattern, control and analysis of you entire business
  • Deep-Tracking Attach any digital files from security video to analysis reports with processes, locations, and workflow
  • QR & Bar Coding Automate product tracking, item identification, time tracking, document management, and increase marketing capacities


  • CRM Integrated relationship management of contacts, communications, reporting and more for complete workflow automation
  • Business Groups Manage and integrate multiple businesses using our proprietary Admin Track feature
  • Geo-Synchronization Business and customer location maps integrated with our CRM
  • Report Generation Dynamic report generation in multiple formats
  • Enterprise Systems Localized versions of the cloud with synchronization and APIs for hybrid designs
  • Portal Controls


  • Purchase Orders Automate, Manage, Track & Report¬†with our integrated¬†purchase to pay process
  • Manifests Open and closed manifest system tracks items from internal locations, through processes, and metamorphoses to final delivery or sale
  • POS Systems Wholesale, retail, and B2B checkout systems tied to our purchase orders and manifest application
  • Item Pricing Price individual items, batches, or lots to any product for both wholesale and retail sales
  • Merchant Processing Integration with our multiple POS systems and various payment gateways


  • HIPAA Compliant Enhanced security makes our cloud a complete solution for protecting sensitive patient data
  • Administrative Permissions Complete multi-level control for all users in your system
  • WatchDog Firewalls Expanded authentication and auditing options
  • Zero-client Server Spoofing No software at the client means that there is no vulnerability to malware
  • Real Time Threat Assessment