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Medical Marijuana Management "M3"

Our team is ready to provide high quality Medical Marijuana Solutions from Seed-to-Sale. Our services bring state of the art secure controlled substance storage centers, kiosks, diagnostics and treatments centers to assist patients and Medical Professionals with Medical Marijuana needs.

Our Medical Marijuana solutions focus on providing security and safety for retail locations, grow operations, inventory centers, transport, compliance oversight, and workplace throughout the Medical Marijuana Seed-to-Sale life cycle. M3 works within all Federal, State and local laws and regulations to support Medical Marijuana Professionals and their patients.

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Medical Marijuana Management

Our easy to use inventory management system that increases your business's work flow by managing all your assets and processes.

Marijuana Compliancy

Processing cannabis requires a system to track converted material back to the source for Compliance, Quality Assurance and Testing purposes.

Marijuana Awareness

We makes it easy to help your patients. You can scan and save all your patient's medical documents, send text messages and emails to your patients.

Treatment Centers

Recent studies have shown that cannabinoids may be effective at interrupting the pathological process in Alzheimer’s.


Medical cannabis can be administered using a variety of methods, including liquid tinctures, vaporizing or smoking dried buds, eating cannabis edibles, taking capsules, using lozenges, dermal patches or oral/dermal sprays.



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